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He kissed her. It was unexpected, a spontaneous opportunity for affection that was rarely taken. She tried to respond the way she knew he wanted her to. To feel the way he expected her to feel. But she had been caught off guard. In a mood, he would have said if he had noticed her reluctance.


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Patrick Rothfuss “The Name of the Wind”.

Very nice writing style, quite like it so far.

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Nice sweater


Nice sweater

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the-miss-k said: Hi there! Long time no chat/comment! How are you doing??? I just saw your post about the stolen selfies... and while I definitely commend your comments, wouldn't it be the right thing to delete the posts you put up with the stolen pictures?



I have, and for the record, at time I posted them I didn’t know their origin. They are no longer available from my blog.

Time for me to chime in on this.
If you post images on an open forum
(such as this) who’s very existence is to promote the sharing of nifty and wonderful things, then become offended when somebody comes along and shares your stuff is tantamount to moving in next door to an airport and bitching about the noise!
There are two ways to alleviate issues, such as this, in the future.
First: Don’t put the images out there!
Second: learn to write code and (subsequently) protect your art.
If you do not wish to have it passed about freely, don’t grant us access to it.
You cannot label us as thieves when you don’t lock the door. WE are not responsible for YOUR carelessness.
To my knowledge, nobody is making any money off sharing pictures on this or any other site….so just calm down.
The individual responsible for mitigating this shit storm was not even the owner of the images in question.
To that person I would say “please, go away and take your drama with you. We are adults here, and have no place for such childish rubbish!”
We see pretty pictures and share the ones we like as a reflection of who we are. There is no malice. Then some asshole had to come along and shit all over everything!
I’m sorry if they lack beauty in their miserable little lives, but that gives them no right to take it from ours….since no wrongs were done.
Anyway, that’s my humble opinion.